Our Team at Colorado & Company

Christina Freyer Walker


Christina is a sixth generation Coloradan and has a passion for the Colorado lifestyle and loves to explore everything this wonderful state has to offer. Leasing since 2004, Christina has been at the forefront of Leasing in the Denver Market for over a decade.

Hadley Smith

Vice President

Hadley Smith grew up in Colorado and has a strong passion for everything the state has to offer including its unique rental landscape. She had a Masters in Marketing and has leased some of our most premier properties.

Our Top Agents

Meredith Loux Broker and Team with Hadley Smith 347.724.5954 Meredith@coloradoandcompany.com
Joni Gascoigne Broker Associate Listing Specialist 720.227.4222 Joni@coloradoandcompany.com
Laura Davidson Marketing Specialist and Assistant to Joni & Strawberry 859.806.8560 Laura@coloradoandcompany.com
Strawberry Windholz Tenant Relation Director and Broker 720.557.9980 Strawberry@coloradoandcompany.com
Jonathon Papsin Jonathon Papsin Apartment Relocation Director and Downtown Specialist 303.550.0750 Jonathon@coloradoandcompany.com
Jen Pearson Broker, File Auditor & Wash Park Specialist 203.247.9727 Jen@coloradoandcompany.com
Cheryl Peterson Broker & Tenant Agency Specialist 720.202.4343 Cheryl@coloradoandcompany.com
Mari Vandenberge Broker & Tenant Agency Specialist 720.289.8653 Mari@coloradoandcompany.com
Dana Martin Admin & Developer Relations 303.520.1595 dana@coloradoandcompany.com
Kim Finnigan Director of Boulder Office and Broker 720.339.8550 Kim@coloradoandcompany.com
Melaina Packard Broker & Apartment Specialist 303.506.9430 Mpackard@coloradoandcompany.com
Robert Barrie Broker & Leasing Specialist 303.903.8232 Rob@coloradoandcompany.com
Justin De La O Apartment Relocation Specialist & Associate Broker 303.518.4767 justin@coloradoandcompany.com