Colorado & Company Real Estate provides residential project development services for boutique apartment buildings. Our focus is to create custom consultation and/or lease-up services that include superior customer service to result in effective lease-ups benefiting our client’s project community success and overall reputation.

Services Provided for Consultation
  • Customized Strategy
  • Collaboration with Investor's Team
  • Floorplan Assessments & Feedback
  • Markey Analysis & Pricing Recommendations
  • Design Consulting
  • Lease-up Plan of Action

Colorado and Company Real Estate also provides superior online marketing, networking and appointment-only leasing services. We pride ourselves on being responsive and flexible to tenant appointment needs and requests. We proactively inform and pre-qualify potential tenants prior to them walking in the door in order to customize the customer experience and result in a higher conversion of showings to executed leases and ultimately the highest quality of tenants for profitable rental rates and terms.

View Our Current Development Projects Below

Lyric 39

Studio 135