The Most Expensive Zip Codes In Denver

Denver Rents in this Zip Code are the Most Expensive in the West

September 12, 2018

According to the Denver Business Journal here is an article about Denver Rent.


The most expensive places to rent in the western U.S. and in Colorado are all in the Denver-Boulder area, according to a new report from RentCafé.
Denver's 80206 ZIP code tops the list, with an average monthly rent of $2,435. The ZIP includes parts of Cherry Creek, Congress Park and historic Country Club is the highest in Colorado, although it did drop 0.7 percent from a year ago.

The second-most-expensive ZIP code in Colorado is 80209 in Denver, which includes Belcaro, Washington Park and Washington Park West. Rents in that ZIP average $2,151 and saw a year-over-year increase of 5.2 percent.

RentCafé compared average apartment rents for all of the ZIP codes in 130 major U.S. markets as of July. Although Denver had the hottest rents in Colorado, they’re far from the highest nationally. Manhattan ZIP codes dominated the list for priciest rents — the highest average rent being $5,657 in the 10282 ZIP — with Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston ZIP codes well represented too. Other ZIP codes in cities with higher average rents than Denver include Austin ($2,658 in 78701), Seattle ($2,816 in 98101) and San Francisco ($4,666 in 94105).

Here's the breakdown of the 10 most expensive ZIP codes to rent in Colorado, with average rent and year-over-year change:
10. 80210, Denver: $1,817 (+0.9%) 
9. 80120, Littleton: $1,817 (4.8%)
8. 80216, Denver: $1,840 (+0.6%) 
7. 80238, Denver: $1,857 (–1.5%) 
6. 80211, Denver: $1,963 (+0.8%) 
5. 80301, Boulder: $2,044 (+5.4%) 
4. 80204, Denver: $2,075 (–2.6%) 
3. 80202, Denver: $2,138 (+1.4%) 
2. 80209, Denver: $2,151 (+5.2%) 

The Most Expensive Zip Code Is...
1. 80206, Denver: $2,435 (–0.7%) 
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